Central Valley Paranormal
Are You Curious?
CVP (Central Valley Paranormal) is a non-profit paranormal investigation team.

CVP is located in Northern California with members in Martinez, Concord and Turlock. We serve California's Central Valley, Central Coast, the Sierra Foothill communities, Southern California, Nevada and all points beyond.

Our  purpose is to educate and assist individuals, who have questions about or have had experiences with paranormal phenomenon.

We dedicate ourselves to bringing integrity, honesty and respect to each case. We are not amateurs nor thrill seekers. We are a professional and dedicated team of experienced investigators with the goal of documenting evidence, determining the cause (whether paranormal or not), and helping clients come to terms with their experiences.

We understand that it is a difficult decision to call us in. You can feel confident that we will treat you and your family with respect. We are completely upfront about how we investigate and our theories. We take pride in being open minded and non-judgmental. We conduct a discreet investigation and bring you the evidence we collect.

CVP uses many different types of equipment to investigate. Our team members have a wide variety of background and knowledge, from sensitives to science. We bring it all together to help determine what is happening. Before starting any case we will
interview the client and do a historical search on the location.

The CVP team is here to help. We have experience in many different situations and phenomena. Before leaving a location we provide the client with guidance and solutions. CVP can provide a Native American Cleansing and a Christian Annointing of the location and/ or the client.

We are here for comfort and answer your questions. If we are not able to help you we can and will direct you to those who can.

CVP does not guarantee to rid your home/ location of spirits.
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